Mass Notification RFP Template

If you think all mass notification systems are the same, you may find yourself in for a surprise. When researching a solution, you need to compare all vendors based on similar and comprehensive information. That’s why it’s helpful to have all vendors submit their offers in the same Request for Proposal (RFP) format.

This RFP template provides a thorough and consistent framework for evaluating automated/emergency notification systems. It’s in a format you can customize to fit your company’s or agency’s specific needs, and will help you remember to ask questions that might not first come to mind, questions like these:

  • How will your data be managed and stored?
  • Does the vendor follow  standards like SSL and SSO?
  • What level of customer support does the vendor offer?
  • Does the vendor have geographically dispersed datacenters to protect your data in case of regional interruptions?

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